JOHANNESBURG – Liberation lawyer George Bizos says he does not believe the African National Congress (ANC) will win the 2019 elections and has appealed to South Africans to accept the outcome whatever it may be.

WATCH: Bizos: ANC may not get majority vote in 2019

The anti-apartheid icon celebrates his 90th birthday and messages have been sent from the legal fraternity, friends and struggle stalwarts, who’ve thanked him for his contribution to South Africa’s democracy.

Bizos, who still works as a human rights lawyer with the Legal Resources Centre, recently succeeded in the Ahmed Timol case.

Bizos says that he plans on taking up 60 more cases of anti-apartheid activists whose killings were labelled as suicides.

Bizos sat down with Eyewitness News for an exclusive interview.

“I believe the ANC may not get the overall majority.”

The struggle hero, who defended banned ANC activists during apartheid, says the party has brought much positive change to South Africa but is currently failing the people.

“What I am hoping for is that their love for the country will overpower personal wishes and there’ll be a government of more than one party.”

He says a multi-party state could work for South Africa.

“Germany, France, UK… other European countries have coalitions.”

Bizos adds the current leadership does not stand for the same vision and dreams that Nelson Mandela believed in.

Masa Kekana / EWN

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