Dannhauser police are investigating a case of rape after a Traditional Healer allegedly raped a 17-year-old girl on Thirsti Farm, on March 7.

According to Dannhauser SAPS Corporate Communications and Liaison Officer, Sergeant Mfanafuthi Nyembe, the traditional healer arrived at the victim’s house at around 12.30am, after the victim had consulted with him in oSizweni previously.

“He allegedly told the victim that he should visit her house at night, in order to continue with the healing process.

The healer, who was believed to have been accompanied by two people unknown to the victim, proceeded to tell her that she was going to die, and that someone in her family was also going to die, after her death.

“He then told the victim that in order for them to live, she should run outside while the healer and his team prayed for her. One of the people accompanying the healer then allegedly ordered the victim to remove her clothes, whereupon she was raped.”

The victim promptly reported the incident to the police, and the case remains subject to police investigations.

Zianne Leibrandt / Newcastle Advertiser

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