Membership Application

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  •   R100.00 – R 399.00 - Platinum Membership
      R400.00 and more - Business Membership
      R10.00 – R99.00 - Normal Membership


Applying to become a member of Newcastle Community Radio 103.7 FM And I include my Annual subscription. If my application is accepted, I agree To be bended by the rules of the Newcastle Community Radio 103.7 FM.

*N.B Normal Membership – Qualify to vote, attend AGM and Special General Meetings
Platinum Membership – Qualify to vote, attend AGM and SGM and Qualifies to have input on Programming.

Business Membership – Qualify to vote, Attend AGM/SGM. Qualifies to have input on Programmes Qualifies for 20% discount on advertising and special events advertised for free

Information for Applications
*If your application is accepted your name and address will be recorded in the members register.
* You can access your information by contacting the NCR Chairperson or his deputy.


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